Tangram Essential Cards eBook

Each card includes 7 Tangram patterns on one side and their solutions on the reverse side .


The complete set consists of 252 challenging patterns .

Containing 36 enjoyable cards and 2 Tangram puzzles too, this DIY activity project has all that you need to have fun with Tangrams.

The Tangram Essential Cards eBook is an ideal first step for getting children interested in making things, and in experimenting with color and form.

So this eBook is also a brilliant resource for a teacher to use to teach kids some basic principles of crafts.

Included in this PDF file :

36 printable Tangram Cards (6,7cm X 16,3cm)

Step-by-step instructions on how to make the cards


In addition, this document also contains 2 printable Tangram puzzles to start playing right away with the cards .

Tangram Essential Cards are an exciting way for pupils and teachers to enjoy the ancient Chinese art of Tangram .