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Craft Activity with Tangrams (elementary school craft project)

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If you are looking for creative & fun Tangram activities for fourth graders, you've come to the right place!

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This eBook provides teachers with a collection of 30 different sets to introduce children to Tangrams

A set consists of:
- 1 Tangram to color,
- 1 card with 14 figures to reconstruct (on the front) and 14 solutions (on the back),
- 1 envelope to store the Tangram and the card.

All the envelopes are different!
All the cards are different!
All the Tangram templates are different!

These 30 sets allow you to provide an interesting and enjoyable hands-on activity that is easy to set up in the classroom.



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Tangram puzzle #93 : Microscope - www.tangram-channel.com
Tangram puzzle #87 : Cyclist - www.tangram-channel.com
Tanagram puzzle #92 : Whale - www.tangram-channel.com

What is a Tangram?

A Tangram puzzle focuses on the objective to rearrange the seven separate pieces into a complete image of various shapes (in outline or silhouette only).

Coming from China (read its brief history), this logic game brings the mathematical thought of Asia and incorporates it with bright colours and charming figures.

Tangram puzzles - www.tangram-channel.com

Rules of the Tangram puzzle

The classic rules are simple : all tangram pieces (or tans) must be used, they must lay flat, all must touch and none may overlap.

Tangrams are an excellent way to increase mental ability, and are simple to play and suitable for all ages. Using imagination, geometrical shapes, letters, numbers, figures, boats, animals and objects can be made.

The possibilities are endless.

Tangram Channel - ESSENTIAL CARDS

Tangram Channel Essential Cards are a perfect complement to your Tangram puzzle



All categories of Tangram patterns

The Tangram Channel brings the skill right up to date with an accessible format and a wide range of puzzles for all levels. Some Tangram puzzles are easy to solve, others can be quite challenging.
Geometrical shapes


Tangram difficulty levels:

Easy     Medium     Hard     Expert




Tangram difficulty levels:

Easy     Medium     Hard     Expert


Usual objects


Tangram difficulty levels:

Easy     Medium     Hard     Expert




Tangram difficulty levels:

Easy     Medium     Hard     Expert


Letters, Numbers & Signs


Tangram difficulty levels:

Easy     Medium     Hard     Expert




Tangram difficulty levels:

Easy     Medium     Hard     Expert




Tangram difficulty levels:

Easy     Medium     Hard     Expert


Tangrams for kids have experienced a revival of late, and have become a popular pastime that appeals to gamers, puzzle fans and those who enjoy a challenge.
Tangram puzzle #156 : Hexagon 2 - www.tangram-channel.com
Tangram puzzle #143 : Wrench - www.tangram-channel.com
Tamgram puzzle #148 : Helicopter 2 - www.tangram-channel.com

What does a set of tangrams consist of ?

Tangrams shapes are geometric. A complete set is formed from seven polygonal flat pieces.

>  Printable tangrams to cut out

Complete set of tangrams - www.tangram-channel.com

In a Tangram puzzle set there are :

  • 5 isosceles triangles of various sizes (2 large congruent triangles; 1 medium-size right triangle; 2 small congruent triangles).
  • 1 square
  • 1 parallelogram (the only tangram shape that may need to be flipped when forming certain figures).

The seven individual tangram pieces are called tans.

Tangram puzzle #146 : Mountains - www.tangram-channel.com
Tangram puzzle #139 : Submarine - www.tangram-channel.com
Tangram puzzle #130 : Question mark - www.tangram-channel.com

History of Tangram

Tangram puzzles are thought to have originated in China in the Tang Dynasty of the Middle Ages, although some claim that they are over 4000 years old. This rich history of applied gaming found its way to Europe in the early 19th Century.


Finding popularity with those eager to exercise their brain power in an original way, the puzzles took their place as a prestigiously educational form of entertainment.

>  Read more

Tangram puzzle #89 : Cottage - www.tangram-channel.com
Tangram puzzle #25 : Rectangle - www.tangram-channel.com
Tangram puzzle #81 : One - www.tangram-channel.com

Tangram & basic concepts of geometry

Tangram & Geometry - www.tangram-channel.com


When teaching children about geometry, tangrams are often used because they are fun and effective teaching aids.


So let's explore a whole world of geometry in the very old dissection puzzle called the Tangram.

>  Read more

Tangram puzzle #4 : Triangle - www.tangram-channel.com
Tangram puzzle #12 : Arrow 2 - www.tangram-channel.com
Tangram puzzle #8 : Skater - www.tangram-channel.com

How to play tangram with videos in a competitive way ?

www.tangram-channel.com provides fun videos which allow two (or more) players to compete against each other with their tangrams.

Tangram Game - www.tangram-channel.com
  • The players start the game by selecting a video clip here.


  • Each player tries to build the tangram pattern shown in the video as fast as possible before the timer runs out.

  • The player who solves the puzzle first wins 1 point and chooses the next video.


  • Whoever solves five tangram patterns (5 points) is declared the winner.


Solo mode :

Take your tangram pieces, launch the video and try to solve the puzzle before the timer runs out.

Tangram puzzle #16 : Swan - www.tangram-channel.com
Tangram puzzle #99 : Smoking pipe - www.tangram-channel.com
Tangram puzzle #84 : Norfolk wherry - www.tangram-channel.com

The ancient art of the tangram puzzle can be an excellent learning device for both students and teachers. Designed in order to stimulate the necessary logical skills of applied reason and rational observation, the puzzles are based around ideas of dissection and assembly.
Tangram puzzles are intended as a useful way to develop decision making and visual orientation skills. With a superb versatility and emphasis on creative problem solving, the puzzles can act as a helpful diversion to standard teaching practises.
Using Tangram in your class?
Please share your experiences about Tangram activities.


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