DIY - Tangram Memory Game

DIY - Tangram Memory Game - picture #1 -

Tangram Memory is a 72-card game for two or more players.

It encourages concentration and improves memory abilities.

How to play:

Shuffle the cards and lay them face down on the table (it will be easier to remember where cards are placed if you lay them in grid form).

DIY - Tangram Memory Game - picture #2 -

The aim of the game is to form pairs of matching Tangram patterns. Select the number of pairs according to the age of the players. Older children can use the 72-card deck.


In turn each player turns over two cards.

DIY - Tangram Memory Game - picture #3 -

If they don't match, the player try to remember their positions and turns them face down again. Play then passes to the next player.

DIY - Tangram Memory Game - picture #4 -

If the cards match, the player keeps them and plays again.

DIY - Tangram Memory Game - picture #5 -

The game ends when all cards have been picked up. The winner is the player with the most pairs of Tangram patterns.

Just print them out on cardstock.

Cut, fold, glue and play.

DIY - Tangram Memory Game : Materials
Download: Tangram Memory Game - Printables (PDF)

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