Tangrams to cut out

Step 1 : Print out one of our Tangram templates onto cardstock

Step 2 : Cut out very carefully along the lines

You can complete your tangram by providing a set of picture cards with different shapes that your pupils can be asked to make . You can either use themed tangrams, e.g. animals such as cats and swans, letters and numbers, or a mixture .

It's best to simply print puzzle silhouettes onto paper or card and laminate them for prolonged use. You can create small booklets by hole punching them and slotting them into a ringbinder.

Solutions can be printed separately to avoid pupils cheating.

These printable tangram puzzles are free for personal use and are designed to be printed on A4 paper,

Reversible Tangram

Play Tangram everywhere with this double sided Tangram Set.

Reversible tangram set - Free printable tangram puzzle - www.tangram-channel.com
Free Download - Reversible tangram - www.tangram-channel.com

Two Printable Tangram Puzzles - Free Download - www.tangram-channel.com
Free Download - Two Printable Tangram Puzzles - www.tangram-channel.com

1 set of tangram pieces

One set of tangram pieces - Free printable tangram puzzle - www.tangram-channel.com
Free Download - 1 set of tangram pieces - www.tangram-channel.com

4 sets of tangram pieces

Four sets of tangram pieces - Free printable tangram puzzles - www.tangram-channel.com
Free Download - 4 sets of tangram pieces - www.tangram-channel.com
Originally, the Chinese played tangrams with the obligatory seven figures made out of wood and coloured with natural dyes. Nowadays, we can create the tangram puzzles from foam to cardboard and paper; the separate figures can be made out practically of anything.

Even the process of creating the puzzle can turn into a game for children.

Tangram Channel Essential Cards are a perfect complement to your Tangram puzzle

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