Tangram solutions

Tangrams are famous for the variety of choices they provide. They have been used as a main puzzle in many educational and study books for children as well as for teenagers.

The main scope of the tangram puzzles is to improve and develop the logical part of the human brain.

It betters the visual and analytical thinking as well as the child's orientation and decision-making. It might look easy, but many adults cannot solve these amazing and unique puzzles . . .

However, the following tangram solutions will be helpfull.

Geometrical shapes

Tangram solutions - Geometrical shapes - www.tangram-channel.com

Letters, Numbers & Signs

Tangram solutions - Letters, Numbers & Signs - www.tangram-channel.com


Tangram solutions - People - www.tangram-channel.com


Tangram solutions - Animals - www.tangram-channel.com

Usual objects

Tangram solutions - Usual objects - www.tangram-channel.com


Tangram solutions - Boats - www.tangram-channel.com


Tangram solutions - Miscellaneous - www.tangram-channel.com

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