The Rules of Tangram Dominoes

Dominoes is tile-based game, where by 2 to 4 people play at the same time and on the same table. There are various types of sets, but the standard one has 28 tiles. One tile is a rectangle, divided into two equal squares. Each square has a precise number of spots (from 0 to 6). On the reverse side, all dominoes from the deck are the same. There are many words for these rectangle pieces including bones, tiles, cards, stones, tickets and spinners.

The aim of every player is to empty his or her hand while blocking the opponent's moves. In the typical game, all 28 tiles are spread out and mixed face down on the table .

Tangram Dominoes - picture #1 -

Each player (usually 2) takes seven pieces, without showing their face to the opponent. The tiles are placed on the longer edge, facing the player and with their unmarked side to the opponent.

Tangram Dominoes - picture #2 -

Downing is when the first tile is placed on the table by one of the players. Hence, when the game begins.

Then, taking turns, each player takes a domino from his or hers and puts it next to one that is already on the table. Each square should have the same tangram pattern as the one it's touching.

Tangram Dominoes - picture #3 -

If the player has no matching squares, he or she takes out a piece from the 14 left. This typical blocking game ends only when one of the players is left with no tiles or when the game is blocked. Blocked in this case means that no player can play a tile. The person who caused the blockage wins.


Tangram Dominoes is a game which is part poker, part chess. Tactics are always important, but not giving away your own choices is also of value .

Just print them out on cardstock, cut, glue and enjoy.

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