Snap is one of the first card games children learn . This game for 2-12 players is fun and encourages concentration and a quick response.


Snap can be played with a regular 52 card pack. It is a game of matching pairs and customised cards are available in a variety of colours and themes. You could design and make your own personalised Snap deck using drawings or photographs.

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How To Play Tangram Snap Card Game

First, choose a dealer. Next, the dealer stacks and mixes the 42 cards of the Tangram Snap Game, then shares them evenly with all players. Some players may have one card more than the others. Players collect their dealt cards and place them in a face-down pile in front of them.

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Play Tangram Snap

The aim of the game is to win all of the cards. The player to the left of the dealer goes first. Play moves in a clockwise direction. Each player turns over a card from the top of the face-down pile.

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When a card is turned that matches one showing the excitement is on to shout Snap. The player who calls Snap collects both piles of cards and adds them to the bottom of his own face-down pile.

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Tangram Snap Tips

The card to be placed down should be turned away from the player so that the player does not see the tangram figure.

The card should also be turned quickly so that players do not see the tangram pattern before it is placed down.


If two players call at the same time, the two piles are placed together in the middle, face up, and this is called the Snap-pot.

Play continues where it left off.

When cards are turned that match the Snap-pot card the player calls Snap-pot and collects the matching pile from the centre of the table.

A Wrong Shout

If a player makes a wrong call and shouts by mistake, the wrong caller must hand over the card at the top of his pile to the player who just had a turn.

If a wrong shout is made when a player is placing his own card down, the top card of his own pile is given to the player on his right.

To Win Tangram Snap

The player who wins all of the cards wins the game.

There maybe Snap-pot cards left on the table, these do not count.

Just print them out on cardstock.

Cut, fold, glue and play.

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