The traditional British card game of Happy Families can be played by any number of participants. This classic and simple game is based around a number of families and their occupations and is primarily aimed at children.

The game enjoys a deserved reputation as a compelling method of encouraging observation, memory and communication skills for the younger family members.

The exact names and jobs of the families in the game may vary from version to version, but the name always relates to the job title in some detail. For example, Mr Bun the Baker and Mr Pipe the Plumber are representative of the types of characters that players can discover within the game. Each family always contains four members; father, mother, daughter and son.

Tangram Happy Families Card Game -

The Rules for Tangram Happy Families

Once the full deck of 28 cards consisting of 7 families has been thoroughly shuffled, the cards can be dealt face downwards to each player. 

Once the entire pack has been depleted, players can begin to arrange their cards in order of families. The aim of the game is to complete whole families of four.

A complete family -

If by any chance, a lucky player happens to begin a game with a complete family, these four cards must be placed face down on the playing surface.

Following arrangement of the cards, the game can begin in earnest. This involves the player to the left of the dealer studying his or her cards to see exactly what is required. The active player should then address any other player and ask if a needed card is 'at home'.

If the asked player does happen to have the card, he or she must hand it over at once to the questioner. The asker can then address either the same player, or any of the others for another card that is needed. This continues until the questioned player does not happen to have the card required.


The asking then moves over to that player. This continues until a single player has all of the cards and all of the families. That player is then recognised as the undisputed winner.

Just print them out on cardstock .

Cut, fold, glue & enjoy.

"Tangram Happy Families" templates -
Tangram Happy Families cards - Cut, Fold, Glue -

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